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Nelson Bright 

Nelson Bright


Nelson Bright was born on July 26th, 1985, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nelson Bright is the 16th child of H.R.H. Bright Enyelike (Eze Orgodu 1st of Orashi Kindgom. He had demonstrated a talent for creative arts from an early age and was  favored representative in school art competitions.

In this interview with CHUKS NWANNE, the filmmaker, who has made documentaries for notable oil firms in Nigeria, spoke on the plans for Bodies 2 and his desire to reopen conversation on illegal human organ trade in Nigeria.

What actually informed your decision to become a filmmaker?
I was told I displayed art tendencies as a child and I’m kind of just naturally drawn to arts in general. I feel film encompasses all of the arts; painting, music, dancing and I wanted to be where I can practice them all. I had been running from it, but find myself back again.

My closest memory of art getting me into trouble was on one occasion my Ghanaian teacher at Montessori International School (the same school as Burna Boy, who was my brother’s mate). Before the ‘Ghana Must Go’ campaign, Mr Kofi pulled me out in front of the class and said the reason he wasn’t going to flog me for drawing on the centre page of my mathematics book was that the drawing was so detailed and fine. From then on, I was favoured as the representative for the school in Fine Art competitions.

I dropped out of Computer Science in UNIPORT because most of the courses were outdated, but I later went back to study Fine Arts & Design. I left my job with an oil company to finally to chase filmmaking again. So, becoming a filmmaker was never a decision I took; it was always there. I tried to run from it and be like everyone else, but find myself back again.

Do you consider yourself more of an advocacy filmmaker?
No, I prefer fiction films, as the audience would see in my future releases. But I feel passionate about this cause so did the Executive Producers of short film Adeleke Fayose, Oraye ST. Franklin, Masi Bright, and Diran Ogungbola. No human should have his organs removed without his consent. This and other hideous crimes are perpetrated during human trafficking. For me, this is about the value and dignity of human life; such an ordeal should not befall anyone. So, if this helps reduce that happening to someone, I feel it’s worth every blood and sweat.

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